!MPACT! Crisis Communication

!MPACT! Crisis Communication

As the saying goes: failing to prepare is preparing to fail. And the worst time to prepare for a crisis is in a crisis. With the right preparation in peace times, companies have shown how they can emerge from crises stronger than before.

This highly-practical one-day programme is focused on giving the company’s Crisis Response Team a confident handle of communication in crises. With the practice and know-how, the participants will be equipped with an understanding of the media environment, a concrete communication plan, knowledge of crisis communication, and speaking to the media. With the coaching sessions and practices, participants will be better prepared to front the media with a clear perspective of managing their messages.

To give all participants an opportunity to experience the reality of being under the media spotlight.

The trainer will share insights into the media’s operations and show examples of news stories with a focus on minor crises. Participants will also learn how to prepare and present themselves before the media.

Participants will work on individual crisis communications plans and discuss their messages to various stakeholders. Through various input, these plans can then be brought back to the centers as part of their emergency templates.

Case Studies
Likely scenarios will be designed for participants to respond realistically to the media

Video Interviews
Participants will face a “reporter” on the case study they’ve prepared.

The participants will be reviewed for their on-camera responses. The feedback provided will encompass their verbal answers as well as their non-verbal expressions.