!MPACT! Storytelling for Leaders

!MPACT! Storytelling for Leaders

It may not be too far a stretch to say that the role of the leader is not as much to inform as it is to inspire.

In this information age, we don’t need to have another download of what-to-dos; we need to be moved, motivated, and managed by first knowing why we should do it. Move my heart, then you can move my hand. And the best way to touch hearts is through the ancient art of storytelling.

This one-day course involves ample practice and is ideal for people who need to present ideas, sell products or services, manage people – in other words, interactions that involve convincing and persuading.

The tools from this workshop will help you

  • form a coherent flow of ideas
  • present examples and instances effectively
  • hold the audience’s attention
  • deliver a memorable narrative
  • elicit positive responses from listeners
  • exhibit greater charisma
  • be a more engaging speaker