!MPACT! Strategic Thinking and Presentation Skills

!MPACT! Strategic Thinking and Presentation Skills

In this age of big data, there is an urgent need for communicators to sift through the information, synch it to the audience’s needs and deliver it with clarity. A tall order, for sure. This program aims to meet that order by helping presenters pull the brakes on data dumps and mindless downloads and get on the journey to be more precise and concise in their delivery. Throw in some winsome ways and we might see more presenters making sense rather than just making noise.


This workshop will give you the answers to turn on your audience and get the results you want. The best news is you can use it in any communication situation:

  • Selling your product or idea to external parties
  • Giving an update on the status of your project to internal customers
  • Convincing others of your plans
  • Demonstrating your product
  • Reporting your findings



From skills and practice acquired in this program, you will

  • Understand what makes people sit up and listen
  • Plan a cogent and relevant presentation
  • Design simple and accessible presentations that are clear and effective
  • Start with a bang! And end with a boom!
  • Know how to engage and maintain your audience’s interest
  • Develop compelling storytelling skills
  • Establish rapport with your audience
  • Use visual aids effectively to enhance your presentation
  • Deliver your presentations with confident body language